a babygirl’s fantasy

The fantasy I masturbate to as of late… I am wearing my sexy, almost trashy, yet still a little classy version of “the little black dress”. The black stiletto pumps I am wearing showcase my shapely tan legs exceptionally well. My dress is short, stopping mid-thigh (NO PANTIES EVER!!). I am sitting on a couch… Continue reading a babygirl’s fantasy

Daddy’s Treat, Part II

It’s 3:30 am on the morning my Daddy and I leave for Paris. I am still awake. The excitement of it all robbing me of sleep. Paris, the city of romance and love. The perfect city for couples to explore one another, deepen their love, and strengthen their relationship/bond. That’s why my Daddy set this… Continue reading Daddy’s Treat, Part II

The Dance Begins

He stands close behind me. His naked body pressed tightly against mine. He moves my long, dark hair to one side, exposing my neck. The dance begins. Breath warms my skin as he starts kissing, gently biting the nape of my neck. Moisture begins as the warmth between my thighs intensifies. Loving, skillful hands grip… Continue reading The Dance Begins

Daddy’s Treat, Part I

Finally, it’s Friday! The last day of the work week has come and is almost gone. I am so damn ready to start my weekend. I am so damn ready to soak in a piping hot bubble bath. I am even more ready to achieve new orgasmic heights, multiple times throughout the weekend, using my… Continue reading Daddy’s Treat, Part I

A Good Morning

I woke early this morning. The sun barely cresting the horizon. I could hear the sparrow’s outside our bedroom window, breaking the morning silence with song. I look over to see you laying on your back. The rhythmic rise and fall of your chest tells me you are asleep. The silk sheets scantily cover your… Continue reading A Good Morning

A Babygirl’s Promise

Sometimes I don’t really hear you when you are trying to guide me. But from now on I promise to do my best to listen to your guidance always. In the past I have warped truths by omitting facts just to avoid confrontation. But from now on I promise I will confront the truth, keeping… Continue reading A Babygirl’s Promise

At Daddy’s Mercy

I can’t explain what drew me to him. I just knew, without a doubt, we were destined to be together the night I caught his gaze from across a smoke-filled jazz club. I don’t know how or why. There’s no logical explanation for what we both felt/feel. I was/am drawn to him just like he… Continue reading At Daddy’s Mercy

Unforgettable Night

Running water spills from the antique brass faucet as it fills the bear claw tub. All in preparation for a long overdue, well deserved bubble bath. The scent of lavender permeates the air. The stress of the day weighs heavy as I unbutton my scarlet-red, silk blouse. It opens as my hand descends button by… Continue reading Unforgettable Night

My Dearest Daddy

My Dearest Daddy,         My sweet, my wise, my strong, my incredibly sexy Daddy. Do you know I think of you so often that thoughts of you nearly consume me? The touch of your hand. Your smell. The feel of your lips on my forehead as you hold me in your arms, so gentle, so… Continue reading My Dearest Daddy